Gusu Neijin Yizhichan Health Center devotes to the practicing and promoting of Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan. Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan is one type of the superior martial arts. It characterises in both static and dynamic practicing, which contains the very essence of Chinese Kungfu. Over the years, it has been advocated in the martial arts world. Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan adapts to the nature and is with strict structure and posture. Its levels are clearly banded with scientific practicing processes. Undoubtedly, it is a systematic and authentic martial art. 
Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan belongs to the inner-qi kungfu. By practicing in different postures which are scientifically arranged from easy to tough, it enables the practicers to gain qi without meditation training. This qi in the body merges together with the outside natural qi and forms 
  • Que Ashui

    Que Ashui, the head of the masters of the 18th generation of Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan, was born in Weitang, Suzhou on Sept 12th, 1919.  
    Because of poverty, Que Ashui went into Shaolin temple and became a monk at the age of seven.  Grand masters Du Shenbiao and Du Shunbiao bred him up and taught him to practice martial arts.  After 18 years, Que Ashui finally succeeded to become a martial arts master.  The evening before grand master Du Shunbiao's pass away, at the lotus pond, Qua Ashui was told that the martial arts he had been practicing is Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan, and the top theme of the Kungfu was ......

  • Que Qiaosheng

    Master Que Qiaosheng, the son of Master Que Ashui, was born in Suzhou in July 1952, now the head of the masters of the 19th generation. He was granted with many titles like, vice dean of Wuxian Qigong association, honorary dean of Yingkou and Harbin, consultant of Singapore Neijin Yizhichan association, registered member of China Qigong association.
    Que Qiaosheng started practicing Neijin Yizhichan at childhood under the training of his farther, Qua Ashui. After years of hard training and practicing, he has finally become the 19th master and learned part of the ..